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About Us

Nicole Elmer

Nicole Elmer (Austin, TX)

"Film stories should not be exempt from the unexplainable and unplanned, yet there is a fear of real life in most movies, forcing this powerful artform to be little more than spectacle, or vehicles of reassurance for the masses. The typical film palette should also include a deeper look at what life and people are about.  We don't eat ice cream and Cheetos everyday after all. Sometimes we have to try that fried grub worm despite how scary it looks."

Jorge Sermini (Austin, TX)

"Who chooses our heroes? Why are we told what is good and what is bad? What is art? What is an art film?"

"Is a successful film based only on the box office gross?"

"I create stories and films that, first and foremost, I want to watch, where the hero is revised and formula comes in a well-crafted disguise."

Tag Simler (Los Angeles, CA)

"As cinema continues to evolve and technology progresses, it becomes harder to be ground-breaking. Which is why, in the end, it is important to create a real and honest story. One that satisfies you first and foremost."

Arles Estes.jpg


"The way our life experiences affect us emotionally or spiritually is rarely (if ever) perfectly defined in a discrete feeling or mood despite what mainstream story-telling would have us believe. In real life, the one we all live in day and night, we more often feel things that are elegant mixtures or abstractions of the handful of emotions that we have language for. As art imitates life and vice versa it becomes readily apparent that the universe has a natural yearning for things  to get weird."




Jason is a writer and playwright.  His play The Virgin w/ 10000 Arrows was nominated for four awards from the Austin Theater Examiner including "Best Production of a Drama" and the Cohen New Play Award from the Austin Critics Table. As a screenwriter with BPFW, his work includes In the Shadow, and What's the Use?